Welcome to Lotchie’s World of Seduction and Adventure…

With a sweet tooth for pastries, a soft heart for animals and an imagination that rivals Dorothy’s OZ and Alice’s Wonderland (albeit the steamier side of fantasy) Lotchie Burton’s spicy Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense novels are where sparks fly, and fires ignite. 


A New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author wannabe, her name isn’t synonymous with any bestseller’s lists—yet.  But she’s working on it.

Meet Lotchie

Known for her feisty heroines and the hard-edged, protective, no-nonsense men determined to love them, Lotchie creates a world chalked-full of diverse characters and riveting plotlines that keep her readers coming back for more.

A native of Charlotte, NC, she’s traveled and made her home all over the world, conquering one state or country at a time. A former military Intelligence Analyst and current member of the law enforcement community, Lotchie has participated in countless real-life situations that determined life or death and freedom or captivity. From personal survival and personnel recovery, to escape and evasion.

Lotchie draws from her experiences in the real world to enhance the plot and add adventure to her imaginary world. Vivid storytelling laced with intrigue, action and sexy entanglements, her stories are fictional, based in reality. With just enough fact to make them seem real and just enough fantasy to make you wish they were.

Readers read to escape the predictability of reality. To travel and explore other worlds that stimulate the imagination and indulge secret desires. It’s my desire to create the fantasy—that allows the journey to begin. 

Lotchie Burton

My History

  • I became an avid reader at eight, once I discovered books without pictures were more interesting
  • I began writing at sixteen, inspired by the gift of a diary and a broken heart (I still have the diary)
  • At eighteen I joined the military, married and became a mother, all in three short years
  • Single again after five years I raised a son who has always made me proud, and now he’s my biggest fan (he won’t read my books, but he tells everyone else to)
  • I retired from the military after twenty years of service and joined the ranks of crime fighters
  • I began writing short stories and sharing them with friends who pushed me to write more and go further
  • I published my first book at fifty-seven and now wonder, what took me so long

My Passions

  • I read just about everything; horror, suspense, romance, paranormal, metaphysical, self-help
  • I’m addicted to YouTube videos of The Voice and X-Factor, Candy Crush and pinning on Pinterest
  • Love art, interior decorating, shopping for antiques and browsing at Home Depot
  • Enjoy classical music, R&B, Smooth Jazz, some Rapp and a little Country too
  • Traveling the world, sightseeing and taking lots of photos
  • Putting together puzzles or unraveling mysteries
  • Candlelight, wine and sexy lingerie (his or mine)