I am a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author—wannabe. My first novel, Prelude to a Seduction, was published in 2012. My second novel, Nothing’s Sweeter than Candy earned a place on USA Today’s Must Read recommendation list for 2015. My name isn’t synonymous with bestseller’s lists nor has it won any acclaimed titles—yet. But I’m still working on it.

I love to write sensual multicultural romance with feisty heroines and the no nonsense men who love them. My heroes are hard edged with a fierce protective side and when they love, they love hard and deep. I spend my time between two worlds, reality and imagination, and travel extensively in both.

I’ve been a sergeant in the US Air Force, a Special Operations Intelligence Analyst in both military and civilian life, briefed fighter and helicopter rescue pilots in survival tactics, driven armored vehicles and experienced the adrenaline rush of a high speed chase, and helped in plotting take-down scenarios of criminals, both real and imagined. I live in Southern California near the beach with three ridiculously spoiled cats and devote myself part-time to my full time passion, telling stories. I believe in freeing the mind one fantasy at a time.

My History:

  • I became an avid reader at eight, once I discovered books without pictures were more interesting
  • I began writing at sixteen, inspired by the gift of a diary and a broken heart (I still have the diary)
  • At eighteen I joined the military, married and became a mother, all in three short years
  • Single again after five years I raised a son who has always made me proud, and now he’s my biggest fan (he won’t read my books, but he tells everyone else to)
  • I retired from the military after twenty years of service and joined the ranks of crime fighters
  • I began writing short stories and sharing them with friends who pushed me to write more and go further
  • I published my first book at fifty seven and now wonder, what took me so long

My Passions:

  • I read just about everything; horror, suspense, romance, paranormal, metaphysical, self-help
  • I’m addicted to YouTube videos of The Voice and X-Factor, Candy Crush and pinning on Pinterest
  • Love art, interior decorating, shopping for antiques and browsing at Home Depot
  • Enjoy classical music, R&B, Smooth Jazz, some Rapp and a little Country too
  • Traveling the world, sightseeing and taking lots of photos
  • Putting together puzzles or unraveling mysteries
  • Candlelight, wine and sexy lingerie (his or mine)