Freeing the mind… one fantasy at a time.

A race to save a life.  A ruthless killer.
Time is running out. 

Two  weeks  ago,  Naomi  James  didn’t  exist.  Missing  for  twenty  years  she  appears  out  of  nowhere,  setting  off  a  chain  of  events  that  rocks  Gabe’s  world  and  alters  his  life.  Forever.  Gabriel  Cummings  is  trained  to  expect  the  unexpected.  Then,  a  rogue  federal  agent  crosses  his  path,  disrupts  his  life  and  challenges  every  lesson  he’s  ever  learned.  Beautiful.  Defiant.  Naomi  ignores  the  rule  of  caution.  Scouring darkened  streets in search of men with darker hearts, she tracks an elite criminal  and hired assassin – alone.  Giving new meaning  to the phrase a dangerous woman; inflaming his desire and igniting protective impulses.  She  pushes  buttons  he  didn’t  know  he  had.  Trusting  gut  instinct  and  combat  training;  the  ex-marine  is  determined  to  keep  her  safe  whether  she  wants  him  to  or  not.  But  the  odds  are  stacked  against  them.  And  odds  are – they’re  in  over  their  heads.

Meet the Men of Thorne Enterprises

A former Marine turned corporate business owner, Richard “Rick” Thorne is Thorne Enterprises. A consulting firm specializing in computer forensics, technical surveillance countermeasures and protection against espionage for Corporate America—at least on the surface. But appearances can be deceiving. Clandestine contracts with unexpected destinations and lethal confrontations take his business outside and beyond corporate parameters. To places where Rick and his team of trained warriors operate with familiarity—and sometimes deadly consequences.

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What People are Saying

“So in love with all her characters”

“What I love is all her leading ladies are strong and sassy and all her leading men are alpha males, who love, cherish and protect their women.”


“A riveting, suspenseful, sexy read.”

“Riveting and sexy. Lotchie Burton delivers another riveting suspenseful, sexy read. I enjoyed the way the hero and heroine were written, and how they reacted to each other as the plot unfolded.


“I could not put this book down.”

“The author’s writing and story lines just keep getting better! I could not put this book down.  The suspense plot was great and the way the story is written is so vivid it’s like watching a movie.”


“Suspense with a side of romance”

“Sex, passion, love, humor and one captivating story – someone is kidnapped, someone is found, someone leaves and love is found. The ending left me excited about what’s to come!”


“You won’t want to put it down”

It is a fast moving read, funny at times, but mostly filled with steamy romance, with plenty of mystery and suspense. I can’t wait to read the next series!”


Love Hard Love Deep:

Book 1 in The Men of Thorne Enterprises

A case of mistaken identity. A twenty-year-old
mystery solved. A painful truth.

Former marine turned corporate business owner,  Richard  “Rick” Thorne never did anything half-assed.  So giving his heart to the woman he loved was a  no-brainer.  She owned it, no question – until she ripped it from his chest and crushed it in the palm of her hand.  And left him.  Three years later just when he thought he ’d finally gotten her out of his system, she ’s back and needs his help.  Suddenly his life is turned upside down and he ’s left torn between rushing to her rescue and slamming the door in her pretty face.

Meet Lotchie

With a sweet tooth for pastries, a soft heart for animals and an imagination that rivals Dorothy’s OZ and Alice’s Wonderland (albeit on the steamier side of fantasy) Lotchie Burton writes spicy Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. An avid reader and hopelessly hooked on happily-ever-afters, Lotchie writes suspenseful tales where sparks fly, and fires ignite.


Suspense, romance & adventure...books by Lotchie Burton 


Prelude To A Seduction

David Broussard is a handsome, successful businessman with the unsavory reputation of a player...

Nothing's Sweeter Than Candy

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Love Hard Love Deep

A BWWM romance, Love Hard, Love Deep contains scenes so hot they'll make you blush.

Gabriel's Fire

Naomi appears out of nowhere, setting off a chain of events rocking Gabe’s world... Read more>>