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Prelude To A Seduction


David Broussard is handsome, charismatic and a ladies man. Women are drawn to his charm like moths to a flame. But sex is a game and David is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, stalking and studying his prey. With his next victim in sight, Sarona Maxwell has become his obsession and he intends to have her—seduce her into bed—his or hers. It doesn’t matter. Elusive, mysterious and always just out of reach, Sarona is determined to keep him at arm’s length, or further.


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Prelude to a Seduction - Lotchie Burton
Nothing's Sweeter than Candy - Lotchie Burton

Nothing’s Sweeter Than Candy


A man who has never loved. A woman who doesn’t believe love exists. But when fate steps in lives are instantly changed. And a suddenly reformed bachelor must win the heart of a woman who only believes in relationships with no frills, no promises and no chance of falling in love.


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Love Hard, Love Deep


Former marine, now turned corporate business owner, Richard “Rick” Thorne never did anything half-assed. Giving his heart to the woman he loved was a no-brainer. Then she ripped it from his chest, crushed it, and left him. Three years later, she’s back and needs his help. Leaving Rick was the biggest mistake of her life. But Nylah James is a stubborn woman. She stayed away until something greater than pride forced her to change her mind. Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done. Coming back was harder.


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Love Hard, Love Deep - Lotchie Burton

About Lotchie


Lotchie Burton is quickly becoming a popular name in multicultural romance. She writes about strong-willed and feisty heroines and the hard edged, fiercely protective men who love them. Her novel, Nothing’s Sweeter than Candy, was included on USA Today’s Must Read List for 2015. She lives in southern California where a walk on sandy beaches in perpetual sunshine, colors her world with inspiration and fantasies.


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